Friday, July 16, 2010

Coffins T-Shirt Design

I am very excited about this design!
I was lucky enough to share the stage with Coffins in May of 2009 here in Eugene
at The Oak Street Speakeasy which is also the club i run sound at. Not to be biased
but this is a great venue to see shows at, clean, good sound, good food, nice staff
and its always free to get in.
My band H.C. Minds opened for Coffins/Yob and Stormcrow, my very first screen
printed poster was for this show. and my first gig with H.C. Minds. I didnt have a
press at the time and the design was 3 colors as you can imagine registration was
a little tough! and i sold 13 at the gig
for $8.00.


All of the bands really liked the poster in fact Stormcrow contacted me about getting a high res
scan to include it in their split with coffins, somehow the format changed if i recall and
that didn't end up happening.

Uchino emailed me and asked me if i would be interested in making a design for them.
how could i say no? I was blown away the first time i heard the band dot[.] (the band pre Coffins). When i saw Coffins they quickly became one of my favorite current bands.
The following is a sort of a set of progress images.

You can buy this shirt at Warlord Clothing.