Sunday, April 25, 2010

Devil Makes Three Poster

I was lucky enough to be given permission to screen print some posters for my friends The Devil Makes Three they played 2 nights back to back at the Wow Hall here in Eugene Oregon. I think they were the first band to ever play 2 consecutive nights at this venue. I printed around 60 for both days, on the first day we sold out so my friend and rodie for Dm3 Eric (seen below displaying his bottle of pbr) offered to help me
print more the following morning, we did another 60 and they sold out the 2nd night.

16x20 2 color screen print on tag board.
here are some images for you!




Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ninth Moon Black/Black Waves 16x20 Screen Printed Tour Poster

This is just a progress picture more to come!

The design part is done next the printing, i will be posting process
pictures of this print and most all future projects.

3 colors featuring my new logo at the bottom.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bastard Of The Skies Ichor! Ichor! c.d.

Over a year ago i was hired by a very heavy band from Blackburn England called
Bastard Of The Skies The artwork and album is finally complete! and pre orders
are available at:

Check these guys out! if you are a fan of:
Black Sabbath, Melvins, High On Fire, Sleep, Boris, Fudge Tunnel.


Back Cover

Insert Page



Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Buzzov*en Shirt

This is the first of a few designs i will be doing for the band Buzzov*en.
Im very excited to be working with these guys im a long time fan.
They are very easy to work with and in talking with Kirk Fisher i feel
like we are cut from the same mold. I look forward to creating great things
with them in the future.

You can buy this shirt at Shirt