Before you contact me for a quote please read this.

1. I don't work for free, this is how I keep a roof over my head.

2. Prices vary, expect to pay accordingly logos are used time again,
T-shirts are printed over and over again. posters are not... you get the idea.

3. I take half of payment upfront, you don't get this back! if you
you decide you dont want to work with me,your label caves or your band breaks up.
Its not my problem. once you make a deposit you get your place in line.
if you dont understand see #2

4. POSTERS! I reserve the right to print no more than 25 for me to sell.

5. Please give me time to work. if you need something done in a week or less expect to pay more.

6. I accept paypal or money order.

7. Once you approve a design I will send you a digital file. any sketches/rough drafts
are mine to keep and display

8. I reserve the right to display any and all work for public viewing.

9. You get 3 revisions if you feel that you need more than 3 you will be charged a fee for each additional change

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