Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Buzzov*en West Coast Tour Poster

Another piece of Buzzov*en merch! this is an 18x24 3 color screen print that
will be printed by the fine folks at Seizure Palace in Portland Oregon.
This poster is limited to just 50 and will only be available at the gigs.
I believe its going to be something like $15.00 but im not certain.

This might end up as a shirt design as well but we are still throwing that
idea around. I would like to thank Erik Jarvis at Tone Deaf Touring and
Fran and Nick at Seizure Palace for making this happen, Thanking the
band goes without saying! I would also like to thank Paula Rhodes and
Mykull Davidson for the support that has led up to me working for these guys.

I will be at the Portland gig, so come say hello!
Im really looking forward to seeing Buzzov*en in the flesh and getting to
know them better.

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